Who is Rainbow Carpet Cleaning? [The People Behind the Vacuums]

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Carpet Cleaning

Most people find cleaning a chore.  I can’t say I blame them, but having done this as my profession for 47 years, I can honestly say I have the best job in the world!


Because I get paid to visit with someone in their homes.

See, carpet cleaning isn’t just about vacuums with soapy water. For us, at Rainbow Carpet Cleaning, it’s about putting a smile on your face.

Carpet cleaning is how we do that. 


Allowing a stranger to cross the threshold of your home can feel intimidating at times.

Especially if you’ve had bad experiences where a technician tracked mud though your house, damaged it in some way, or smoked while working.

You would feel as though the sanctity of your home was violated. 


I grew up in the Albany community and have stayed here ever since. My mom would have never allowed me to do something like that.

That’s why we value communication in our company. We listen to your needs and value the relationship we have with you. That’s how we built a community of solidarity.

Our clients now span generations. In a way, we become more than a carpet cleaner – we become part of your family. 


There have been many times we’ve been called to a job and our client is embarrassed of the condition of their home.

The mess in the bathroom, the stacks of dirty dishes in the kitchen, the piles of clothes in the bedrooms, the tracks of dirt, lint and hair in the hallways – we find and see things people generally don’t want guests to see.

But you know what?

Almost every person’s house is this way!

That’s why empathy is another one of our values.

By stepping into the intimate spaces of your life, we know that the condition of your home is often caused by other things.

Beyond just carpet cleaning, many of our clients have asked for personal advice.

Being a family man, I understand their struggles and share what I can to help.

Some have even called me a “marriage counselor” or “children’s counselor.” I have a huge heartspace for this part of my job. 


For me, I take care of clients and employees as if they were my family, both their physical and emotional well-being.

For example, I’ll write down the name of their kids or pets so I can ask them about them next time.

This “People First” philosophy is the core to Rainbow Carpet Cleaning.

As our relationships grow, people trust us enough to have an open door policy. 

This extends to our technicians (they even receive bigger tips than me!).

It makes me feel good when I help you feel better about the cleanliness of your home. 


All of these values are summarized in our mission statement.  

We take care of people at their messiest parts of life. We aim to put a smile on every client’s face by renewing their comfort and enjoyment of a cleaner, healthier home.


Think of us as your friendly neighbor.

Many times we’ve gone above the call of duty, and we would do that for you too.

After all, a cleaner, healthier, happier home…why not you?!


If you want to join this club, there’s a spot waiting just for you.  

Join the Ultimate Care Club

Get special deals and discounts on your yearly cleaning on high-traffic areas, furniture, spot cleanings, and more.


– Paul


*We identified our mission and values through the help of Benu Creative

Paul Workinger Rainbow Carpet

Paul Workinger


Paul Workinger is a carpet cleaning expert who has lived in the mid Willamette his entire life and this has proved to be a real boon to success of Rainbow Carpet Cleaning. He established Rainbow Carpet Cleaning in 1973 and has helped countless families to experience a cleaner, healthier home through his services the range from cleaning carpet, tile/grout cleaning, carpet sales and installation, upholstery cleaning, pet damage/odor control, water damage restoration, color restoration and oriental/area rug cleaning.

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