How to prevent 99% of all pet problems

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning, Pet Damage Repair

We all love our pets, right?  They are cuddly, forgiving…Those soulful eyes that tell us life will be ok after we have had “one of those days.”

But with all the upsides of pet ownership there are definitely problems that can occur,  usually when our pets are left alone while the family has gone to work and school. How do we deal with the stains, throw ups and hair balls that always seems to happen when our pets are left to their own devices?

Animal psychologists have written extensively about the dilemma pets face when their owners are gone. Pets are companion animals. They often don’t fare well when they are left alone for any extended period of time. They get frustrated, afraid and sometimes just plain mad when we aren’t around to play with them. So they can often take out their frustration by ‘letting loose’ on our carpets, furniture, even clothes and shoes. They are crying out for us to be there with them.  

What’s the solution? Loving containment!

Dog about to get into some treats and make a mess on the carpet

Let’s discuss dogs first. You may not realize that dogs are basically cave animals (like some husbands). When left alone they prefer the security of a properly sized confinement area.  Trust me, and do your own research, dogs are very happy to spend up to eight hours in a comfortable kennel with their favorite blanket and chew toy. They love to take a long nap in such an environment. Yes, they will be happy to see you when you get home and won’t be angry. They will just want some exercise and play time which will make both of you happy.

Cat that made a mess on the carpet

Cats on the other hand…Well, let’s just say that cats can have an attitude problem. They know they are better than us and they always like to remind us of that fact. However, when we are gone that attitude can lead to all sorts of naughty behavior, not the least of which is marking their territory i.e. the entire house. So the solution with our feline friends is simple — seclude them in an area (such as a laundry room or bathroom) where they are limited in ways they can cause us despair.  Provide them with a litter box, food and water, and a toy, and you can conclude each day on much better terms.

Additional tip: Cats are very territorial, so they may be spraying if they feel threatened. If you have more than one cat, make sure to have more than one litter box. And, try putting litter boxes where your cat regularly sprays.


When you have to be away from home, prevent pet messes by lovingly confining your dog to a spacious kennel or your cat to a bathroom or laundry room. Make sure they have all their needs and definitely play with and love on them when you get home. And if you suffer from husband messes, such as tracking in dirt, learn how to resolve those in 3 Great Clean-Up Solutions That Don’t Involve Killing Your Messy Husband.

Oh, and by the way, if you aren’t already part of Rainbow Carpet Cleaning’s Ultimate Care Club now would be a great time to join. You receive a bunch of free services like free pet stain removal.  All you need to do is consider having some amount of  carpet cleaning done every year. It’s a great program for those who really care about the appearance and health of their home.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions, we welcome a call from you. Our number is 541-758-0176.

Remember, a Clean and Healthier Home…Why not You?!


Paul Workinger Rainbow Carpet

Paul Workinger


Paul Workinger is a carpet cleaning expert who has lived in the mid Willamette his entire life and this has proved to be a real boon to success of Rainbow Carpet Cleaning. He established Rainbow Carpet Cleaning in 1973 and has helped countless families to experience a cleaner, healthier home through his services the range from cleaning carpet, tile/grout cleaning, carpet sales and installation, upholstery cleaning, pet damage/odor control, water damage restoration, color restoration and oriental/area rug cleaning.

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