Best Areas of the Home to Have Carpet [And Their Benefits]

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Carpet Cleaning, Seasonal Cleaning

It’s the beginning of a new year and you want to revitalize your home.

You’ve been inspired by watching HGTV and now you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your outdated home and bring it into modern times.

One of the first decisions is flooring. What to put down and where?

You know the carpet in the bathroom is one of the first things to go, but what about the rest of the house? Should it be carpet, hardwood, laminate, or tile?

To help you with your decision, we’ll take you through a tour of an average home and what we recommend from a carpeting perspective.

Come on in!


Typically a high traffic area, entryways are where a lot of the outside comes in.

However, it’s also the perfect barrier to prevent tracking mud and dirt throughout the whole house.

In heavy use areas that are constantly susceptible to dirt hardwood, stone, or decorative tile can be a good option to use before the carpeting begins because they’re easier to clean.

Putting an area rug down catches some of the initial dirt and can then easily be cleaned by tossing it in the wash.

Asking visitors to remove shoes at the entryway can also help minimize what gets tracked throughout the house.

Living Room

Depending on the size of the house, your family, and your living habits, this room may get a lot of use, or it may not.

Putting carpet in the living room can make the room feel cozier and inviting, but it really boils down to personal preference.

Another good option is putting down a large area rug.

Rugs not only add to the aesthetic of the room, but they share a lot of the same benefits as carpet.

Dining Room

Formal or informal, the dining room can get a lot of use when having family and guests over.

Again, the dining room flooring choice is based on personal preference.

A nice look and feel can be a hardwood with an area rug underneath the table.

The rug makes the room cozy but still easy to clean up.

Certain carpets and rugs are more stain-resistant. Inquire with the manufacturer or call us and we can help walk you through the buying process.

A common choice for rugs is a Persian rug. These are often made of wool or silk, but silk is hard to clean and works better as a tapestry to be hung on the wall for decorative purposes.

Most area rugs are wool and are great for durability but not so great if you have pets.

There’s also a huge markup on rugs so be sure to shop around.

Family Room

The family room is often a high traffic room where the family spends time together, watches tv or movies, plays games, or sits and chats.

A lot of fun can happen in this room, but there’s also the potential for a lot of mess.

We would recommend carpeting this room to create an inviting atmosphere, but also to choose a carpet that suits your family’s habits.

For example, Olefin is bleach resistant and can be great in areas like family rooms or kid’s rooms. It’s not as pretty, but it’s durable and functions well.

If you need help deciding what type of carpet to put in your house, we’re happy to consult and even provide new carpet sales in Corvallis, Albany, Tangent, Lebanon, Sweet Home, and Salem.

Don’t buy expensive carpet for the wrong need.

Let us help you choose the right carpet for your specific needs at a great price.


Because of the daily maintenance needed in the kitchen and the proximity to constant spills from water and food, a hard surface works best.

Whether it’s hardwood, laminate, or tile depends on your own preference and aesthetic.

However, putting down small rugs can help cushion your joints if you stand for long periods of time cooking and can even help protect the flooring underneath.


Although some bathrooms do have carpet, for health and sanitation reasons, the bathroom is not the best place for carpet (with the exception of small rugs that can easily and are constantly washed).

Laminate or tile works best in case of a water leak and is easy to keep clean.

If you have any tough stains or need a deep clean, we can also clean tile or grout.


Bedroom flooring depends on the person, but it’s standard to have carpet or at least a rug.

Carpet in bedrooms might have an extra thick or long pile for added comfort.


A good rule of thumb for hallways is to know the traffic patterns and the rooms the hallways are connecting.

The same flooring throughout the main layout of the house can make a small space feel bigger.

So, if you have hardwoods in the entryway, living room, and kitchen, you would probably continue the hardwoods in your hallways.

For bedrooms, especially upstairs bedrooms, carpet might be preferable to help absorb sound in the hallways.

Final Thoughts

Flooring decisions will generally be based on personal preference and the interior design of the house.

For functional use though, we recommend having carpet in bedrooms, living and/or family rooms, and hallways depending on the floor layout; hardwood flooring and a large area rug in the dining room; smaller, easily washable rugs in the entryway, kitchen, and bathroom.

In addition to carpet cleaning, we can help with other surfaces too such as putting a veneer finish to improve the look of your hardwoods, tile and grout cleaning, and even new carpet sales.

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Remember, a cleaner, healthier home…why not you?!


– Paul

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